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I Am What's Wrong With The World
I Am What's Wrong With The World

Duluth Art Institute
George Morrison Gallery
Solo Exhibition

From Duluth Art Institute News Magazine:

"Allen Killian-Moore’s exhibition features a collection of hypnotic, aesthetically driven moving images that question folly and crave reparations. Filmed with a wide variety of formats including super 8mm, 16mm, HD video, 120 film, instant film, and Lomo super 35mm, among others, Killian-Moore’s work carries forward a diverse pallet while simultaneously uniting images in a strong, singular vision which permeates every frame. The film and video pieces in this exhibition wrestle with the effects of power in our world while poetically exploring civilization, ecology, urban blight, our impulse to create, and the search for self-understanding in contemporary society." -Duluth Art Institute Catalog