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On The Day We Are Together Again

4:41 min. - 16mm film, Super 8mm film, Regular 8mm film, Super 35mm film, and Instant Film,

Music By Humbird
Film By Allen Killian-Moore

The wild primordial flickering of analog film combines with Humbird’s raw vocals and subtle musical accompaniment to reveal something elemental in our human predicament. Contiguous images, sprocket holes, heavy film grains, colors, and shades fold into one another in contemplative succession, alluding to what might be, and to what is. Things both uncommon and mundane are imbued with a sense of existential weight, leaning forward toward the possibility of change, while yet enduring stagnation, for now.

On The Day We Are Together Again was shot by Allen Killlian-Moore on location in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Florida, Illinois, and Minnesota. The imagery was gathered using a multifarious array of vintage handheld cameras on a variety of old reversal film stocks.