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Body Tempest
Body Tempest

Fill In The Blank Gallery
Solo Exhibition

“The floor, walls, and speakers were dotted with chunks of real human hair, and an eclectic mixture of tunes blared out at me as I watched Levi Nies, the subject of the video, slowly pull all the hair from his head (Nies having just undergone chemotherapy). Body Tempest was physically much more than I expected. Killian-Moore enshrouded the projection in a hobo circus-revival tent, blood red and ominous. The combination of video and tent worked. The tomb-circus-house blur all served to heighten the impact of watching such a tragic event unfold through the filter of a single repetitive act, the pulling and contemplation of hair.”

Stephanie Burke, Art Critic, Journalist, writing for Art Talk Chicago

Body Tempest is a fifteen minute looped installation video document which premiered in a solo exhibition at FIB Gallery. The installation featured a large, hand-sewn red tent suspended from the ceiling by long ropes stretched across the gallery from wall to wall. Inside the tent, the floor was strewn with large clumps of real human hair. In the video itself, Levi Nies has recently undergone chemotherapy as he removes all of his hair. The tender moments carefully gathered on video examine our human ability to live and struggle, even in the wake of persistent devastation.