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Unweaving Unwound

4:41 min. - Super 8mm film, Regular 8mm film, HD Video, Mini-DV, Instant Film, and Hand-Processed Super 8mm

Unweaving Unwound is an avant-garde visual document of the creation and installation of Unweaving, a public sculpture project by artist Tia Keobounpheng. Through Tia's voice-over narration, recorded by Killian-Moore on a grizzled old analog cassette deck, she details the conception of her project and its relation to ancestral trauma. Tia recounts the narrative of her Finnish family's emigration from Duluth Minnesota to Karelia, Russia in order to work for Stalin with hopes of establishing a worker's utopia, and their subsequent return to America, fleeing Stalin's brutal regime. Utilizing a split-screen aesthetic and a cinema vérité approach in its formation, Unweaving Unwound explores construction and deconstruction as symbols of artistic endeavor, which in turn signify our collective human experience.