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Double Dutchess

4 min. - Super 8mm B&W Reversal Film, 35mm Color Negative Lomo Film Super 8mm Color Reversal Film, and Color Negative 35mm Still Film

Double Dutchess is a collaboration with the music of HALEY off her album Pleasureland released on London based label, Memphis Industries

Double Dutchess was filmed on location in Rural Iowa, Minneapolis, Duluth, Chicago,
Rochester, and the North Shore of Lake Superior. As the music undulates between
serenity and chaos, with swooning piano bucking up against the grit of ancient analog
synthesizers, the film’s dark and whimsical aesthetics contrast, collide, and collaborate with the music while fixating upon the strangeness of coexistence in contemporary society. Double Dutchess explores dialectical tensions between the old and the new, between upheaval and serenity, between grainy color and black & white, between activism and apathy, between sound and image; with every facet suggesting questions about history, justice, and our place in the human cultural milieu.