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TOTHG Poetry Book
TOTHG Poetry Book

Poetry Collection - Published by Dauntless Supply Co. - Duluth, MN

“It is the work of peeling back the fur; as now we must confront the animal inside. There are no easy truths here... You can either crash through the opening or run from the light. Allen Killian-Moore gives you no other choice. Wrapped in lightning, his words are wound and wonder, grit and grace; hard stones against which we will be softened and re-surfaced. At their core, Allen's words ask that you abandon what is old in order to realize your necessary form.” 

- Katharine Hargreaves, Creative director of Whole Beast Rag and first award recipient for the City of LA's Civic Innovation Fellowship

“Allen Killian-Moore is a quiet, thoughtful man who hangs an oil painting of O.J. Simpson wherever he lives and he will scream his poetry at you until veins bulge from his neck. His poetry, when not screamed, has a very different feel. Dark words in short lines create almost pleasant imagery. Reading his work gives me a sense of moving through life as we must, taking one step at a time.”

- Daniel McCloskey is the author of A Film About Billy and founder of the renowned Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers' Project in Pittsburgh, PA